Burton US Open moves after 30 years in Vermont

My guess is you have seen by now, (Especially since my guess is that you read the above title) that the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships are moving to Vail after thirty years in Vermont. Look, I get it. The move to Vail and it’s Golden Peak is a venue/amenities upgrade, it hits the schedule at a soft time in Colorado’s season, bridges the “Sow Daze” event with Spring Break traffic and it puts the four largest US half-pipe contests next year in Colorado. I get it. But I find myself torn on the move.

On one hand nostalgia rules. As a snowboarder from Michigan I like to believe that all regions have their charm and place in the Snowboarding world. That everything doesn’t need to be held in the Rockies or Europe to matter.

The other hand knows the truth. While snowboarding is great in the Midwest and out East  in places like Vermont. In the US, the Rockies are king. Beyond that, 2014 is an Olympic year. Less travel, a top tier superpipe and the consolidation of events allows for a more unified training program for US Olympic hopefuls.

Bottom line is Burton is right. It is time to push snowboarding’s first national competition to a higher level. This move will do that.

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One thought on “Burton US Open moves after 30 years in Vermont

  1. I’m somewhat bummed by the move, though I have never been to the event, and have enjoyed the one time I went to Vail. Maybe it’s the push to have a big “event” that extends far beyond the competition itself–sort of how the Super Bowl isn’t about football anymore, but commercials, concerts, clubbing, etc.

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