Sunglasses 2012/13

Smith Lockwood

I have a problem, and I can admit it. I am told that is the first step. I hope you all will beĀ supportive………… I am addicted to sunglasses. Whew…. it just feels good to admit it. I also have some very fierce optic brand loyalties. In fact of the ridiculous number of sunglasses I own (Yes, I can admit that nobody needs this many pairs of sunglasses) all but one are Smith Optics. I just picked up a pair of matte black Smith Lockwood Tactical sunglasses. What is the other set you ask? A set of RAEN Squires. I bring this up for two reasons. One, as a sunglass junkie I highly recommend checking out Transworld’s 2012/13 Sunglass Product Preview (It includes both Smith and RAEN). And two because my good friend Savage Henry wants me to feature Knockaround sunglasses. So for him, and because I have a problem. I have a bunch of Knockarounds on their way. Some I will use and review, others we will give away. I really like giving gear away.


Photos courtesy Transworld Business and

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