Making Movies in the Arctic Circle

You may remember  that Jeremy Jones’ Further came in at #3 on our top six snowboard films of 2011/12. I love this series, and more specifically I love the location. The shots are made even more incredible by knowing what the crew has to go through to get them.

“You can’t even fathom what the cameramen have to deal with on our expeditions, just keeping the cameras operating in the cold is a huge challenge, let alone the weight they have to carry up the mountain to get the shot. It’s incredible what they do. It’s an art form.” – Jones

The crew struggled to keep battery power on a daily basis, and relied purely on solar power to run their equipment. Add on packs heavier than those of the riders and having to remove gloves to work the sensitive metal equipment, and you’ve got a hell of a on location shoot. No craft services table in sight.

“It’s often hard for the viewer to appreciate the 5 a.m. predawn starts and 1000-meter climbs needed to reach the shooting spots, but the shots where I had to put in more effort fill me with more personal pride and fulfillment. Perhaps it’s due to having your own personal limits pushed, your own comfort zone threatened, to get the best you can. I’m not saying that I’d necessarily want to repeat some of those crampon-and-ax climbs though!” -Dan Milner Further Cameraman.

If you haven’t check out this film series you need to. The location and riding is sick. Not to mention the dedication. Cheers!

SC Top Six Snowboard Films of 2011-2012

We are nearing the end of the board season. Manufacturers are in preseason mode and you are most likely trying to squeeze in a few more days on the mountain. So how are you going to get your fix this off season? How about taking in a few of those newfangled moving picture shows? Over the next six days we will count down our favorite snowboarding films of 2011/12. Why six? Five is just too mainstream, and we want to attract the hipster crowd. In reality I just had a hard time cutting one more out.

Silent Film Template Courtesy of CopyCatFilms