Full Gear List From Demo Trip

Here is the full gear list from last weeks trip. This week I will post the “best in show” if you will, and start posting reviews. Sanuk Footwear and Kaenon will get spotlight pieces in the very near future.

Reef Ponto Beach 2 Boardshorts

Nixon Watches- The Unit (Black)

Reef- Ponto Beach 2 Boardshort (Black)

Matix- Sketchplaid Boardshort (Black)

Raen- Squire (Black)

Kaenon- Trade (Matte Black)

Smith Lockwood


Smith- Lockwood (Black)

Neff- Daily Watch (Red), Daily Sunglasses (Yellow/Pink)

Watermans Applied Science- Lip Balm SPF 33, Face Stick SPF 33 (Skin Tone), Sun Cream SPF 18

Sanuk Womens Sandpiper




Sanuk- Mens Bubbler Irie, Mens Rambler (Tan), Womens Sandpiper (Black/Orange) Womens Plain Jane II (Cream)

94 Degrees and Some New Gear Today.

Damn it was hot today. Even now at 9:45 PM EST it is well over 80 degrees. How do you make it feel hotter? Grill. Yep after a full day on the bike, dunes and boat I felt the need to stand over burning rocks to cook my food. Not exactly torture I know, although I did burn off all the hair on my knuckles. Today I pulled out some new gear to test. Watermans Applied Science sunscreen made its second appearance on the trip and I must say this stuff is no joke. I think I waterproofed my entire body. One application and I was good. Though I did reapply a time or two as I don’t recommend messing with the sun. That’s a battle you will lose¬†every time. This evening as I showered it was still beading up the water on my skin.

Raen optics in the form of Squires also made their first appearance on the trip. Killer style and excellent coverage. I do wish that the set I have along was polarized. You can get the Squires with a polarized lens, just not in Black. Beautiful day today.

I hope that continues all week. Cheers!

Summer Time Demo Trip

I love winter and snow. In fact, I wish it was winter 11 months of the year. Yet that one non-winter month I want to spend on a boat in blistering hot conditions. That is why the 4th of July is one of my favorite times of year. I spend it on a boat in one of the most beautiful places in the world. So for this summer time demo trip I am bringing along some gear to evaluate. So far the list includes:

  • Kaenon Optics
  • Raen Optics
  • Sanuk Footwear
  • Hendricks Gin (Not really a demo…….just part of the plan)

I am working on adding some others too. I’ll have an updated list soon. Maybe some swag to give away. Fingers crossed.

Sunglasses 2012/13

Smith Lockwood

I have a problem, and I can admit it. I am told that is the first step. I hope you all will be¬†supportive………… I am addicted to sunglasses. Whew…. it just feels good to admit it. I also have some very fierce optic brand loyalties. In fact of the ridiculous number of sunglasses I own (Yes, I can admit that nobody needs this many pairs of sunglasses) all but one are Smith Optics. I just picked up a pair of matte black Smith Lockwood Tactical sunglasses. What is the other set you ask? A set of RAEN Squires. I bring this up for two reasons. One, as a sunglass junkie I highly recommend checking out Transworld’s 2012/13 Sunglass Product Preview (It includes both Smith and RAEN). And two because my good friend Savage Henry wants me to feature Knockaround sunglasses. So for him, and because I have a problem. I have a bunch of Knockarounds on their way. Some I will use and review, others we will give away. I really like giving gear away.


Photos courtesy Transworld Business and Smithoptics.com